Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

There’s a guy in Japan who sells beetles to kids as pets that can be used in fighting tournaments for up to 5000 UK pounds. Firstly, what the hell is a freaking beetle tournament and how is pitting anger infused and trained beetles against each other for hilarious dinner party entertainment any different from forcing children pepped up on red food coloring and gummi bears to duel to the death? There’s virtually no difference. Well, that’s actually arguable – there might be a few differences. The latter is by far the funnier of the two. But, nevertheless, the part about the 5000 pounds is great. It really goes to show that you can PR the crap out of basically anything – especially in Japan. How the hell long does a freaking beetle live? 3 weeks? They’re not like tortoises. Those fuckers will live until they’re like 400 years old. They’re worth the ten bucks you pay from a gypsy on the street in Mexico. Fun for the entire family for literally generations to come. [source]

So, straight out of China comes a tail of a little collective of charming young men who have, as far as I’m concerned, redefined what it means to be socially responsible and pleasant. After 6 young men planned out how they were going to dig up the bones of a rich man’s wife so they could blackmail him out of heaps of money, they were discovered by cemetery staff mid dig SO they simply attacked the staff with meat cleavers. Those cut human flesh really easily as human flesh is actually very similar to meat. Look, it was probably just a joke. Lighten up. [source]

Good old Catholic Church officials. There’s nothing like a good eruption of humanity from a religious leader who has been forced to put a figurative corset over his soul in order to collect a pay check. That’s why it’s heartening to hear that a dean of St Patrick’s cathedral in Melbourne Australia has been relieved of his post after he delivered a racist comment and swear word riddled tirade onto a bunch of skater boys who were using the grounds. I could go on and really lay into Catholicism but the film is really just enough. [source]

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