Monday, August 20, 2007

While she’s understandably uninsurable in the movie biz, Lindsay Lohan still has a shot in the music industry as a recording artist, according to reports from the Daily News. After all, remember Lohan’s single “Father to Daughter” where she was symbolically in a shop front window while her parents were apparently fighting in the next room. She was calmly and rationally throwing herself about while the tears poured dramatically down her face leaving trails of black mascara. The mascara was there to remind you she had been and still was crying, just in case you didn’t notice. It was dramatic and heartfelt stuff and people bought it.

If this is to be believed then it’s interesting what this tells us about the Music Industry. Judging by this revelation with reference to their relationship with Lohan, if the Movie Industry were a person it would be the kind of person who has decided to stop dating go go boys and drinking so much and to stay in mid-week. Conversely, the Music industry is the kind of person who likes to date people who are distant, don’t return phonecalls and they end up crying in public when their date talks to someone else.
Hooray, employ Lohan and bring on the inanity but don’t come crying to anyone when she suddenly disappears for two weeks. [source]

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