Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Well, here we go. Everyone take a deep breath because we’re in for the long haul media coverage wise. Amy Winehouse actually went into rehab for heroin addiction and she’s pulled out of the Rolling Stones tour as their supporting act. The article reporting this from the UK’s Mirror is dripping in with the kind of mildly nauseating emotional dialogue between Winehouse, her husband Mr. Civil and their parents you’d expect from a good quality celebrity gossip rag story story but to be fair, only the lowest common denominator media outlets are actually making hilarious puns about how they wanted her to go to rehab etc. and how it’s ironic that oh…god, you get it.

So, Winehouse and her husband Mr. Civil (I will never get tired of that name, NEVER!) actually stripped off their clothes in front of their families to prove they weren’t injecting heroin. As opposed to the easily misconstrued notion that they simply thought it was the done thing.
But, you have to hand it to Winehouse anyway, even in rehab she could beat the hell out of Pink and Avril Lavigne’s ass in a second with one bullet of spit through the hole in her teeth. Just quietly, that hole in her teeth may well be her aiming hole. It’s one of her weapons, the other being her hair within which she stores all her magical powers. [source]

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