Tuesday, August 28, 2007

If you were looking at Keith Richard across a crowded room and the first thing you thought was, “My my, what a svelte young man with a strapping firm chest and a face that radiates the brightness of a hope filled youth” then the chances are you’re probably not alone. He does seem to give off a certain extraordinarily unique and timeless beauty but it’s safe to also assume that such upkeep isn’t simple.

On the weekend, for example, no doubt plagued by a dire need for the multitude of nutrients found in them, Mr Richards sat on stage and ate a cigarette. Apparently, smoking was not allowed at the 02 Arena where he played on the weekend so he did the next best thing. This comes hot on the heels of back and forth reports that were finally confirmed which indicated he had snorted his father’s ashes.
It’s only reasonable to assume that each time he did ingest his secret magical fountain of youth secrets a halo appeared about him and generations of young impressionable children picked up cigarettes from the ground and ate them as well and that can only be a good thing.
It would be interesting to ascertain exactly how much of Keith Richards has already died and how much is still clinically alive. [source]

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