Friday, August 31, 2007

Alright, so here’s a rapid fire celeb roundup, judgmentalness included:

Barnes and Noble are now going to stock If I Did It, the book sort of by and about O J Simpson because their customers want it. They’re going to stock it after saying they wouldn’t however, they aren’t going to promote it at all. Hi, you’re a business not a moralist outpost. Just sell the damned literary travesty. It’ll be dug up in a thousand years and people will see it and they will see the point at which Western Culture started to eat itself. It’ll be a service to historians to have something that clear to refer to. [source]

Larry Birkhead is threatening to sue Ok! Magazine if they print tarnishing details about his life with Danniylyn, the kid. The meal ticket. She’s 1 year old and so the gossip rags are squabbling over who will get to portray her and essentially buy her innocence to sell magazines. As Ok! is the pleasant, friendly aunt of gossip rags it’s probably hard for Birkhead to threaten to sue them. Particularly when they’re the ones funding Birkhead’s lifestyle right now. [source]

David Beckham has been injured again and will have to sit out 6 weeks worth of Galaxy matches. At least last time it was a toss up as to whether he’d actually play. This time, it’s guaranteed that the 50 million dollar player won’t be anywhere so why the hell would anyone turn up? Still, at least Beckham has a tastefully decorated home with gold taps that are encrusted with jewels to calm him torn up legs and soul. That and his easy going, natural looking wife. [source]

Tom Cruise is hammering out the “I respect Germany” routine again presumably so they’ll put aside their rational distain for him and actually go and see his film and eventually let him recruit disciples while in Germany. "I want to think positive and concentrate on the film," the actor says in Bunte Magazine, Germany. "I carry a great responsibility to the Germans, for whom a man like [Colonel Claus Graf Schenk von] Stauffenberg means so much." . It’s astonishing how brazen he is but that’s what you get when you have lost every basic link to reality and you are a narcissistic control freak. [source]

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