Friday, August 31, 2007

Ok, so the rumour is that Prince William secretly got married in the Seychelles. Sure, why not. Check out the photo above. How can someone as hot as Prince William used to be end up so tired and used up looking. Did he take classes? Harry is totally winning now and he’s probably not even really Charles’ son, yeah, he's probably just a commoner and yet he's way hotter. That brings into question nearly everything about the monarchy for me. Everything. If non-royals can be hotter than royals then what next? Crazy.

Regardless, I’m not really sure if there’s nothing REALLY going on that’s new or whether there is but the same old same old analysis is applicable so consequently, it seems like it’s all been said and done and done and done to death. If there is nothing at all going on and the media are jus sitting back having a fun time throwing pieces of Extra at the tied up intern in the chair then that would explain why the rumour that Prince William secretly got married to Kate Middleton while vacationing in the Seychelles is currently doing the rounds.

Do we really need to go into the fact that the Royal family are some of the most anally retentive control freaks ever – with the exception of maybe the Chinese government and therefore it’s simply not possible for this to have happened? I mean, the outrage among the staggeringly important Royal Correspondent circles in Britain alone would be enough to cause some kind of earthquake or ground opening up and swallowing people-type travesty. Royal watchers must never be messed with. They have starving monsters of need in them even larger than Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan does only they lack the realization to ever tame them and what’s more those monsters rarely eat.

Still – a royal marriage rumour is better than some bullshit filler about god damned Spencer Ass Rape Deserving Pratt. [source]

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