Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It’s good old fashion bitter writer ranting coming out of the New York Post’s Page Six this morning with reports that Michael Gross who wrote "Genuine Authentic: The Real Life of Ralph Lauren." Was quoted as saying:

"Despite the [good] reviews, I didn't feel the book was a success. But then, it's not clear if Ralph, his wealth notwithstanding, is a success (as a human being, I mean), either."
I never got the appeal of Ralph Lauren. I have two Ralph Lauren towels that I bought at a discount because I thought I could look like a big shot in front of international guests who asked for a towel, but I actually don’t give a shit about Ralph Lauren. His whole brand aesthetic just screams tiresome east coast conservative money in playful but not sinful shorts. Oh, fascinating, quick, let’s mortgage the house for a business suit.

Still, being a writer who trashes your own work in the media which inevitably increases sales because you got quoted in the Post is certainly in line with being a success as a human being though. Excellent work. Wellbutrin martini anyone? [source]

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