Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Following on from her chronically contrived scuffle with the law, the one where she giggled her way through a fingers crossed hopeful description of how she could very well be the next Paris Hilton if she got arrested, Lily Allen’s at it again. This time she’s using the international culture clash publicity getting technique that Posh has been dominating headlines with recently. It’s the old international visitor gets into trouble with the locals in some capacity thing and it only works if you’re able to walk the fine line between international cultural faux pas and gracious victim of petty bureaucracy.

And yes, it works well. Posh has been getting plenty of press for being an unlikable English brat due to the culture clash. Even Tom Cruise managed to put a cap on his inane couch dancing, repressed man lusting tendencies long enough to respond like an adult to the German Protestant Church who suggested he was unwelcome in Germany to get some good press out of it. Allen, however, is a giggling twit.

The rumor reported yesterday in the Daily Mail was that Allen had been refused entry to the US and would have to go back to the UK to figure out her visa. No less than a few paragraphs lower in the same exact story it was reported that she was now in Las Vegas. I didn’t actually report on that because if you’re refused entry to the US you don’t get to go anywhere, let alone Las Vegas. They put you on a plane at your own expense and send you back immediately.
But, luckily the media have clarified the situation with Lily Allen again giggling at the silliness of the rumor and as such, the rest of the world have just rolled their eyes at her and moved on. She wasn’t banned, she’s in Las Vegas and that’s all there is to it. Now you can roll your eyes as well. She could have had us captivated if she’d stopped giggling and dragged it out a little. Girl, you’re looking fat. Go eat a cake and throw it up. That should keep you busy. [source]

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