Thursday, August 16, 2007

David Beckham finally went on to actually play a game of soccer for his new team and when he actually scored a goal, Posh Spice sat there and looked as stoic and dead on the inside as a scooped out corpse.

Kudos to Posh for keeping the media interest in her piqued by not giving an inch of humanity to anyone ever. She knows that her emotional coldness is the only thing keeping people interested in her and she’s not letting go of the attention for anything. In fact, at this rate she could very well pick up the title of Ice Queen that Nicole Kidman left behind a few years ago. Well, Nicole is still expressionless but that’s only because she’s frozen all the muscles in her face. Behind that wall of botulinum toxin frozen face meat there is sure to be a perpetually happy acting machine.
The only thing standing in the way of Posh being the new Ice Queen of Hollywood is that she’s a white trash chav with no talent. If only she could get that part up to scratch she would actually be able to DO something. She certainly has all the resources. Posh is sort of perpetually all dressed up with nowhere to go. [source]

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