Friday, August 17, 2007

Just Jared blog reports that The Backstreet Boys have hiked their way out of washed up obscurity to go through the motions of filming a music video to their new song Inconsolable and the picture above just tells us everything we need to know.

Firstly, is it really ok that in the ten years it’s taken for the band to get back together and do something, they’re still playing the same parts they used to play? You’ve got AJ McLean who looks like the rebellious kid from high school you couldn’t introduce to you parents with his chronically outdated Mohawk and then the rest of them, to varying success have been forced into Oxbridge outfits, as if to try and compensate for AJ McLean’s naturally impolite manner. Howie D looks alright in a shirt and tie, Nick Carter looks ok as well, if only because we’re used to seeing a porpoise sized Carter running ashamedly from the paparazzi wearing roped together tents but then there’s the alpha male Brian Littrell who is cause for alarm.
Brian Brian Brian.
Brian Littrell is really the downfall in a group that has to simultaneously appeal to a young and innocent female fan base while being approved by their mothers. As a result, it’s “difficult” when you force someone who always tends to look like an alpha rapist to wear a tie. The anger and annoyance in his forehead alone can only be being held in check by a conscious knowledge of what he’s about to make in cash from this reunion. Or maybe the anxiety in his face is just a result of arthritis in his joints and a severe need for unprocessed fiber. Who knows? [source]

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