Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

Seems like someone got a little excited at the Burning Man Festival in Nevada and set fire to the huge wooden effigy of a man that was meant to be burnt on Saturday. Seeing as this man, one Paul David Addis who incidentally was arrested and posted $25,632 bail (how the hell did they come up with THAT amount?) decided to ruin it for everyone the only real way to deal with this and to teach him a severe lesson is to appoint Mr. Addis as the fill-in man and burn him alive. How else will he learn to stick to deadlines and not to meddle? He won’t anyway I suspect because judging by his photo; he’s a meddler at heart. You can tell because of the glint. There’s a glint meddlers have. [source]

There are literally several ways to enjoy an exhibition of toilets in Hong Kong that shows examples of around 30 toilets from the past few years and one of those is by trying out a newly designed urinal for women. The Hong Kong Toilet Association, of which there are actual members, is trying to assess whether or not the new female urinal is something women would take to and you know, seeing as there has not really been a need for a female urinal due, at least in no small part to the physical design of the female form, it’s good that this is being pioneered. There’s no time like the present to offload unnecessary products onto the general public and no better place than consumer mad Asia. [source]

Real Estate Developer, Leona Helmsley who recently died has left 12 million dollars to her dog. Judging by her enchanting photographs, Leona Helmsley always seemed like an entirely lovely and easy to be with woman. Sure, every photo of her radiates a pretty gnarled soul and then there are those stories of her encouraging her dog, Trouble, to bite her staff but those eyebrows and sensuous lips scream softness and emotional desperation. It’s also good that a dog has 12 million dollars and that sooner or later some freak will be hired to guard that god. What a gig, you just stand there and watch a Maltese Terrier act out. I wonder if the position includes healthcare. Just to recap: woman in New York has given 12 million dollars to her dog. Excellent. [source]

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