Monday, August 20, 2007

Yay! Look at that smiling, life filled picture of Star Jones above! How lucky the camera was there to capture her in mid-happiness swing! She was just smiling and spinning around, dancing to the rhythm of life and OH, look, there's a camera!

Right, let's cut the rancid crap.

You’d think being the size of a freaking planet on TV, consciously admitting that she let celebrity get the better of her, marrying a gay gigolo and being ousted from The View for basically sucking would teach Star Jones about how to compartmentalize bullshit and manage her tendency toward nauseating everyone.

Apparently not.

Entertainment Weekly has reported that the first guest on her new legal discussion program will be Isaiah Washington. Because, let’s not forget; under all that viciously relentless smile, over priced hat, drunk gay husband and surgically shrink wrapped gut, Star Jones is a lawyer – you’d be forgiven for thinking she was a b-list Broadway wannabe actress but it does always come back to law for her. Oh, that’s mean. There’s room for discussion about legal matters with Isaiah Washington. After all, he’s a weird guy who, at best, can’t control his mouth in public.
The best part is the way Star Jones describes it:

Star says:
[Washington is] clearly in the middle of a story that involves law and ethics and values and judgment,'' Jones said. ''But also, he has a brand-new show that brings up ethical considerations. We're excited about The Bionic Woman, but there are ethical considerations [there] because we in our technology right now are moving to replacing limbs, and we're moving in the whole area of stem cell research, we're moving in the area of cloning and whether or not it can actually be done with a human. And in reality, that's what you're doing with The Bionic Woman, you're playing God. And so I get an opportunity to talk about those kinds of issues.''

Issues? So, here we are the beginning again as though she has never learned a god damned thing. But, maybe she deserves the benefit of the doubt. She would never had booked Washington, say, because he can’t reign in his bigoted macho 17 year boy tendencies in public and additionally, she’d never want to talk about the Bionic Woman simply because it’s a movie that is about to come out. No, it’s all about the scientific ethical issues underneath.

Star Jones may be maintaining the pretense of hosting a new show about legal issues but it’s only a matter of time before her inner celebubeast within come screeching right through the epidermis of her newly vacuumed but heavily moisturized corpse of a body. Any minute now she is going to start asking people like Paris Hilton to come on and to talk about "ethics of" pants and nail polish in return for a free month in a Dubai resort. Much like Paris herself, it’ll be the point of explosion that’s the most fun to watch though so sure, let’s talk about legal issues, Star. [source]

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