Friday, August 24, 2007

Oh look, what a lame as hell surprise. The chronically contrived and totally predictable rivalry and chest puffing publicity stunt between Kanye West and Fitty Cent has come to an end way ahead of time. The galactically self important Fitty Cent made the grotesquely transparent statement a little while ago that if he sold fewer records than Kanye West on September 10 when the two launch their new albums, he would cease recording solo work. Ok, so while its pretty eye roll inducing hip hop macho fuckwit behavior, there’s at least some dramatic tension that could build up over the coming days and then there could be some kind of publicity swelling. After all, it’s always interesting to watch a bombastic male ego get shot down in front of a lot of people after parading around like a deluded peacock.

So, two weeks out from the album drop, it seems the entire thing has been deflated as the New York Post reports that there’s now Hip Hop Peace between the two. Clearly, fans of Fitty Cent are breathing a sigh of relief over that but what about the whole human sacrifice thing? What’s the point of deflating it ahead of time? I mean, initiating it was barely acceptable let alone cutting it off half way.
They apparently met and drank shots of vodka together which, in hip hop ego land, is the same as a diplomatic meeting between international delegates. This whole thing really goes to show just how utterly contrived the whole gangster bullshit image really is. It’s calming to think about the freaked out kids who actually sweated over the prospect of Fitty Cent not recording again; some of them praying to God at night desperately and tearfully asking for him to make Fitty Cent sell more. It actually works, this stuff though so you know…go figure. [source]

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