Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

A bar in London has launched a genius new way to make paying for drinks so much more fun; they’re altering the price for a drink as the stock market fluctuates. Is this the hard drinking banker nerd equivalent of a computer game freak wearing Mr. Spock ears and saying things like “Greetings and Salutations” to people at parties? Assuming they’re invited? Imagine the excitement of an evening spent in a bar where everyone sits in quiet suspense waiting to find out the bill! An added bonus is that you also might not get the same amount of vodka in each drink each time. Why not just go the whole distance and kick people in the face and then steal from them and leave their bloodied broken body in the street to be eaten by rats and then call it a theme night. Sounds like a riot. People would probably pay to line up. [source]

As you’d expect, a 17 year old from New Jersey has hacked into the iPhone and figured out how to make it available to other network providers. That means that if you actually spent 500 dollar on the thing, there’s now technically a way you can use it without being forced to become an AT and T customer. Why is this interesting? It’s not really, I just find it interesting that 17 year olds are always the ones who do crap like this. This is the way you develop when you play a lot of video games as a child. You progress and progress until you’re a hacker waging war on the world for not making you good at sports and for making puberty so much more difficult than it really needed to be. Even though he looks like a crap version of Frodo Baggins, he’s got good skin though, I’ll give him that. And he could get work in Czech porn if he wanted. Plus, he’s also got a car as a prize for successfully hacking into the iPhone. Because that’s how it works in America. You hack a phone, you get a car. And three other phones. If you can figure out how to make “I can’t believe it’s not butter” in your very own kitchen you get a free pachyderm. It’s in the Constitution. [source]

Some crafty drug smugglers in Mexico managed to kidnap a sniffer dog and replace it with one of their own so they could potentially get more coke past customs. The plan was that their own dog, a small black mongrel puppy who, due to his largely unmarketable aesthetic became a master of disguise and part time magician, would immediately set himself up in the customs lounge wearing a red silk dressing gown and smoking a thin cigar while telling anecdotes about his time in Ceylon. It’s really a wonder the plan fell through. Especially when you consider that the sniffer dog they stole and replaced is a Belgian Malinois sheepdog. Who would have noticed the difference? Certainly not the people who work with him every day. Excellent work you genius drug smuggling Mexicans. Why not run for public office?[source]

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