Monday, August 27, 2007

The New York Post has reported that at Thursday's "Pop Rocks" party at Club 13, the deejay excitedly announced he had an advance copy of the new Madonna song produced by Pharrell Williams for her next album, he played it at a club and it sounded exactly like Britney Spears’ mid to late work – specifically “Toxic”.

Apparently, Britney Spears, despite her endless failure to not be essentially repulsive and ludicrous, is still a source of inspiration for Madonna and if that’s the case then Madonna is not doing so well.
Well, maybe it’s not that simple. Since the downfall of the Trinity of Colossal Pointlessness, there have been a number of contenders to fill the positions left vacant by Paris, Lindsay and Britney. So far they’re Ashley Tillsdale, Ally Sims, Hayden Pannetiere and to a more pathetic and crap extent, Heidi Montag/Lauren Conrad (who can be bothered to tell them apart?). All of these contenders are pretty reasonable choices really; they’re all generic looking, easily translatable pop culture entertainer types who are eager as starving cannibals in a mall to squeeze into the cultural corset that would be required for them to become internationally famous generic stars. Madonna though?
If Madonna’s attempting to jab a needle into Britney’s mid to late work so she can hook herself up to a drip and live off the association – at THIS point – there’s an awful lot more to Madonna we might actually end up seeing. Is Madonna on the fast track to becoming Faye Dunaway/Joan Crawford? (again, just like Montag/Conrad is there any important and really resounding fundamental difference between the two of them these days?) Let’s hope so. But also, you know, she’s alright. But she still might have a breakdown. Ok, phew. Couldn’t end on a pleasant note there, it makes me feel soft and human. [source]

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Dan B (no, not Bennett, think harder) said...

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