Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Eddie Murphy has finally come back with a statement regarding his kid with Melanie B. Perez Hilton reproduced the statement he issued through HIS aggressive showbiz lawyer which addresses all the claims Melanie Brown has made in the media so far. Scary Spice’s best work to date is:
“On Ms. Brown’s behalf, Ms. Allred has demanded that my client not only pay very substantial child support, but that he also buy a $9 million house in Malibu and pay for all associated expenses for Ms. Brown to reside there for free for the next 18 years.”
And look, that’s all quite reasonable really, isn't it? When you consider everything, it’s a totally normal expectation for Melanie Brown to have.
But isn't she worth a trillion bucks anyway? Spice money has got to have been worth a chunk of change. Wouldn’t she have her own 9 million dollar mansion somewhere? Why does she need to be kept for 18 years? Perhaps she doesn’t.
Which really leads onto our next question: Why is it that these sorts of revelations all seem to happen at the same time as say, contracted work is pending or has just been confirmed? They’re like pop cultural bloodclots, everything coagulates at the same time and then bang, it all happens at once.
Four of the five the Spice Girls are getting back out there any way they can at the moment and its right at the moment where they’ve announced that they’re going on tour. Prior to that, where the hell were they?
Posh is really in the lead and has kept her hand in there by being both married to the actually talented David Beckham and also by being rude to the constantly smiling people of LA while imploding humourlessly on camera as much as she can. Baby Spice is in a new pasta sauce commercial (bless) where even she, a Spice Girl, can’t quite figure out what extra spices need to go into her pasta sauce and Ginger is under regular scrutiny for running in public next to an enormous beast of a man who dwarfs her. All of these are simple yet effective and very reasonable methods of self promotion in their own ways.

Coming in second though, behind the subtle, refined and under-photographed Posh and beating the nice girls is Melanie B with her ludicrously unnecessary legal grabs and outrageously attention seeking lunch with Eddie Murphy’s ex wife. Even though her behaviour is totally tasteless it’s put her in second place. Incidentally, Sporty is nowhere to be found. Perhaps Melanie C is incubating and will explode with her own line of cat food. She’d better. Those other girls will eat her alive on tour. [source]

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Fiona Peel said...

If they do eat her alive, they will purge straight after. No harm done!