Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Janice Dickinson is really simply a testament to the insistent power of the ego. She’s 785 years old and she’s had her body stapled tighter and tighter so now she’s really only a moment away from being Amanda Lepore. Although, let’s be fair, Amanda Lepore is only in her late 40s. And yet, despite that, Dickinson still manages to trade almost entirely on the fact that she used to be a model. Well, that and the fact that she’s appropriated a good, hard, massive dose of pushy, loud mouthed American showbiz professional into the equation.

She's been tantalizing us in recent weeks by walking out of clubs and lifting up her dress to show her panties but yesterday in LA she went the whole hog and stripped down to her underwear in public as part of a protest for PETA.

If you watch the video of her protest on TMZ, it’s interesting to note her back. I always seem to imagine her from the front on TV and I thought that the reason for that was because all down her back were alligator clips holding the flesh in place. This footage proves she has no alligator clips so the only option left is that she must have some kind of internal handle she cranks when things start to droop. Sort of like a hose reel but instead of hose it’s connected to her entire epidermis.

In the TMZ footage, she’s standing next to that idiot guy she recently took to an awards ceremony who wore that torn off “Security” t-shirt. Does that mean he has a number of those t shirts or he just washes the one? I’d like to know his views on the presidential candidates actually. [source]

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