Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lance Bass was interviewed by New York Magazine about moving to New York and parts of the interview made him sound like he hates New York. Here’s what New York Magazine published:

Lance Bass is here for a few months to star as Corny Collins in Hairspray. He’s not sure he likes New York so much. First off, it took three weeks, and three brokers, to find an apartment. “There’s a lot of pieces of crap here for a lot of money,” he says. “And I don’t think anyone here has any style. I was looking at fully furnished places and it was like, you can either have a bunch of floral prints or some dusty couch from the 1960s.” But he’s adapting. “My walking pace has picked up a lot,” he says. “And apparently I’m ruder. I read that someone met me at a club and told me I looked great and I was like, ‘Don’t even think about taking a picture.’ Which really sounds like me. And then they printed a picture they’d taken of me, which makes even less sense.” He’s not hanging out at fellow ’N Sync alum Justin Timberlake’s barbecue joint. “I’ve been a few times,” he says. “But it’s really up there. The Upper East Side? I’m not in college anymore.” And, after coming out of the closet not so long ago, he has another startling admission to make: “I was the worst dancer in the band. I kind of hate to dance.”

So, naturally, people were offended.

But, as Perez Hilton posts, it turns out, Lance was misquoted so he posted a major backpedal on his myspace blog:

Seriously! Here we go again! Cant believe I actually have to write this… this is just not a good week for me press wise… what did i do?!

So here goes… for those that read the New York mag article… I said none of those negative quotes! I expect bloggers to print fake things and its all in fun.. but when a real journalist misquotes me and prints fake quotes that I “said”.. that is just crazy!! And, I dont think legally they can do that! Can they? This dumb reporter just put words in my mouth and turned everything I said into a negative. I told her I love NY and I will probably be doing the bi-coastal thing now because I love it so much. I told her the first few apts I looked at were pieces of crap and the owners had no style at all… that turned into “Lance thinks New Yorkers have no style!” Then I told her I eat at Justins new place all the time, but it is really far away in the upper east side and always full of a college crowd. She turned that into ” Lance doesnt go to Justins restaurant cause its too far away and he doesnt like it because he is not in college anymore!”

Um.. I didnt go to college, why the hell would I say that!

This girl should be working for the enquirer instead of a legit magazine!

If there ever was a need for a retraction this would be it– and hope NY Magazine will do the right thing and write one.

I am no longer going to defend myself on articles such as these. But, I felt I had to because I just moved to this amazing city and feel so at home.I do NOT want anyone here to think I hate it.
If you would like to write a nice little letter to the writer of the article her name is Jada Yuan and she works for New York magazine.

On a lighter note– went to the US Open today and watched Federer kick some ass and Spain’s Fernando Verdasco had the most amazing nail biting comeback I have ever seen!!!! He won in the 5th set.”

Which, as far as a retraction goes, is pretty good especially with the "I've moved on and am happy and nice" tennis bit at the end.

The thing is though, this is actually a really good thing for Lance. When you think about it, the only time anyone has really paid any attention to him is when he spent a whole lot of money on training and then didn’t get into outer space, when he came out, when he was dating and then breaking up with Reichen, and a brief moment in the beginning stage of when he started dating Pedro the Spanish model/bartender. He’s actually on Broadway right now and was in a boyband with Justin Timberlake but those are of little real consequence to anyone because, like Lohan, the main facets of his appeal are the scandal surrounding him. Why? He’s boring.

Lohan is at least a trainwreck along the way. Bass isn’t a mess, he’s not an addict, he’s not really a publicity chaser and he’s not even that spectacular to look at. He’s attractive enough and good natured but there’s really nothing that interesting about him. He’d actually do well in this situation to not just ask the public to e mail Jada Yuan, he should turn up and throw red paint at her. That’d keep him going a good two three months.[source] [source]

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