Friday, August 17, 2007

Paris Hilton has launched her own fashion line named Kitson which essentially means that practically anyone can appropriate the generic, mindless whore brand and aesthetic for themselves and, with the Kitson Kids line, force it on their children at the touch of a button.
One particularly exceptional piece is the chronically 80s and utterly beyond ghetto t shirt that is literally called the Paris Hilton - Pink Paris Paris Paris Tee, just in case you didn’t know whose name was on the label or who gets the money you’re paying to own it at the end of the day.
Marvel at it here.
There’s nothing more comforting than the idea of eager young ten year old girls badgering their mothers to buy them whore-esque Paris Hilton inspired fashion so they can live their dream and replicate the Hilton aesthetic step by step. What parent actually just laughs it off and says, “Oh, ok sweetie, I’ll get you that lingerie outfit, slutty red lip gloss and junior stilettos, I’m so proud of you.”
A fat, lazy, cake frosting reliant small town TV addicted mother, that’s who. The kind who gets jealous of the attention her kid daughter gets from the freakish men in their neighbourhood. Hell, maybe there are plenty of those out there and Paris is just giving the people what they want. What a charming notion. [source]

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