Thursday, August 16, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd
A security guard in South Africa was shot as he performed his duties during a burglary of the South African Ambassador’s residence in South Africa. Ok, sounds fairly normal. Well, you know. So, then he went to several doctors – each of them refusing him treatment in one way or another and finally he was told by one doctor that he should go home and “walk the pain off”. He should stop complaining and just do it. Not a lot of people know that the ancient art of walking the pain off is actually the best way to alleviate the deathly live threatening impact of a bullet that is lodged inside a human. “Walk the pain” off is in fact the US Federal Government’s healthcare strategy slogan right now and look how much good that’s done. [source]
An 800 year old gold crucifix was found 2 years ago in a garbage skip in Austria but only the other day was it recognized to actually be 800 years old and really worth something. It had been thought to have been lost when stolen by the Nazis. I actually hope that people see this as a sign that the world may or may not be ending. Certainly anything that can induce apocalyptic panic can only be a good thing. All I can think of with this is that it’s some kind of sign type thing. People getting insane about it. You know, religious panic etc. [source]
The Chinese are a competitive people by nature I think. They work hard to beat other people and naming children is certainly not an area that the Chinese would like to be thought of as being lax. That’s why, when those idiot New Zealanders that were trying to name their kid “4real” a while back started getting press, the Chinese probably took stock and got to work. The fruits of their labor are being harvested because a Chinese couple are currently attempting to name their child “@”. It’s a beautiful name and one that the child will be sure to never need therapy over. And what’s more, with a name like “@”, if the kid ever got his or her own website and e mail addresses, he would get to have as his website. That Chinese couple are geniuses and should be heralded with a National Day of rest in their honor. [source]

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