Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nick Hogan, Hulk’s son is now the worst person in the worldVarious people have come and gone since K-Fed divorced Britney and he was Satan.

Remember that? When everyone hated K-Fed for being a freeloading ass and Britney, the child of purity was finally free? Yeah, those were good times.

But, it’s no longer K-Fed. Now it’s Nick Hogan.

After driving with reckless abandon this week Hogan crashed his Viper and was put in hospital. He got off more or less unscathed but the guy in the car next to him, his friend John Graziano was not only hurt badly and is still in critical condition. So far, there’s celebrity brat kid in vastly expensive car driving with no reference to the road rules. In a post-Lohan, post-Hilton, post-Ritchie world, the public not only hate it when rich kids speed they are more self righteous about motoring violations as a way of trapping the celebrities they live vicariously through than ever before. So, great work there Nick Hogan. Get done for speeding and crashing your car and hurting someone. Perfect time to do it.

Secondly, it was then reported that John Graziano is not only a US Marine, he’s also an Iraq War veteran who had just returned from his second tour of duty. US Marine, Iraq War, Tour of Duty, SECOND Tour of Duty. It just keeps getting worse. If Nick Hogan were a Democratic presidential nominee, Republicans could basically just take a holiday at this point and come back in a week having let it play out to their advantage. There’s literally no way it could get any worse for Nick Hogan. Short of pederasty and animal abuse there’s nothing more hate mustering than when you maim a US Marine who has been in Iraq twice. The troops are America’s untouchable, national vein of guilt – sort of like childbirth is for hysterical Jewish mothers. You simply can’t argue with people about supporting the troops – it’s a defense mechanism manipulative Republicans use to halt arguments for a reason. It works. Unless you’re Joel Stein in which case you’re just a smug reactionary moron.

So, yeah – Nick Hogan is pretty much the new Satan. He’s an entitled rich brat who screwed up a US Marine’s life.

Oops! It gets worse!

TMZ reports today that Nick Hogan did an interview a while back for Rides Magazine where he bragged about getting let off for speeding in his car because of his sub-celebrity status and he also talked about how his car gets him laid. Way to GO! And this interview will hit news stands right smack bang in the middle of the horror. Actually, maybe really ramming it home that he’s a spoilt brat will endear people to him. He should ask Spencer Pratt to manage him from now on. They could become an endless spiraling pit of annoying.
K-Fed should really send him Hogan a muffin basket. [source] [source]

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