Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ok Magazine has a really great little bit online about the appeal of the MIMS single “This is why I’m Hot”. Seems like they just wanted to really try and put some parameters on the appeal of the song and to marvel at how popular and god damned freaking brilliant the song it. Well, you know what? You want to freaking talk about this travesty of a song, then let’s freaking talk about it. First off, WILD WILD guess here but the reason people like it so much is probably because they all have some kind of masochistic streak and they enjoy torturing themselves with hatefully bland, status angst riddled bullshit because pain is the cleanser.
Honestly, this has got to be one of the stupidest songs in recent memory.

The main chorus type section is

“This is why I’m hot…this is why I’m hot…

blah blah and it goes on repetitively and then the sparkling golden line:

“I’m hot cause I’m fly, you ain’t cause you not.”

Ok, great. So, let’s just extract the main ideas there from within the borderline English it is to an essentially understandable sentence. If we take “hot” to mean “notably acceptable to a large group of people” and “fly” to mean “stylish or concerned with matters of style but also more or less actualized in a pretty basic way” then the phrase translates rather nebulously to:

“I’m notably acceptable to a large group of people because I’m stylish or concerned with matters of style but also consider myself more or less actualized in a pretty basic way whereas you are NOT acceptable in the same way because you are not concerned with matters of style as I am and you are not actualized to the same extent as me.”

Gee, what a fascinating, deep and esoteric point to make. I’m good cause I’m great and you’re not good cause you’re not great.

The amount of times I have to put up with this shit song at the gym is astonishing. They must have it on replay. When it comes on the sound system all the local Brooklyn wannabe thugs walk around with just that little bit more crap, arrogant macho attitude they always have, marked with a serious almost aggressive facial expression all over their faces. What the hell do you need to wear a god damned NY Yankees cap to the gym for anyway let alone spending 15 minutes making sure it’s not quite on straight.

But you know what, each to their own (clearly). So, if you want to assault your own soul and mind by inflicting this song on yourself then far be it from me to stop you, here it is:

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