Monday, August 20, 2007

Wow, while his talent as a soccer star was never in question, David Beckham is also nowhere near as politically and socially dense as he has appeared to be of late – and, you know, after marrying his high maintenance slab of tuna. Actually, I still can’t quite get past how anyone could live with Victoria Beckham. There’s no way dealing with that over what was meant to be breakfast is a walk in the park. Or even a walk in the nastier, darker parts of Prospect Park late at night.

But anyway, TMZ reports that Beckham was on his way out of some stadium and he was mobbed by fans. He apparently signed everything ever and even gave the shoes he was wearing to some fan. He took off his shoes and gave them to someone. Any money says that person is now living in the South of France in a chateau on the money they got through selling those shoes on Ebay. Or at least they’ve moved on up to the East Side to a deluxe apartment in the sky.

But good on Beckham for giving it out to his fans like that. Someone in that family has to give something to the people who justify in some respects his 50 million dollar contract. Posh is all but confirmed as a dried out corpse shoveled into a billion dollars worth of gaudy clothing who implodes on impact and when you’re that you might command fear based respect among the stupid and needy but you certainly don’t command love from fans.

The dynamic of their marriage is becoming clearer. David has all the talent and goodwill. Victoria takes all the money and represents cold, bitter resentment. When their powers combine they take over LA and inspire the world to disconnect from rational thought. They're like a real life Voltron in a way.[source]

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