Thursday, August 23, 2007

You know you’re pretty damned famous when you’ve got the Islamic extremists after you. The Catholic Church had it for a while but really passed it absolutely prime of systematic and profitable disapproval around the time of the Spanish Inquisition. They were just flaunting it then. Nowadays, if you get banned by the Catholic Church it’s cool but it’s not going to really put food on the table long term. What you really want is to be banned by Islamic extremists.

Islamic extremists have been going after celebrities for a while now. Osama bin Laden said he wanted Bobby Brown dead because bin Laden himself was more or less obsessed with Whitney Houston? Those fuckers can say one thing about you and BANG, its talk show booking after talk show booking. I mean, Bobby Brown should have launched a fragrance when Osama bin Laden called for his death. He’s such a dumb assed crack head though that he was probably intellectually flat out figuring out how to hide under his bed.

From the outside, the terror perpetrators seem to look in and fixate on inflated symbols of western capitalism and commoditized masculine assertiveness and then they focus their weird, unbalanced rage at them and call for their death. If you check out the video above one thing that’s instantly recognizable, apart from the self righteous, delusional religious diatribe voiceover and random grammatical errors is that most of the men who are made a target are assertive, present in pop culture and pretty damned hot.
Organized groups of hysterical terror focused religious extremists are actually made up of young men who are, once you get down to it, just disenfranchised, emotionally stunted bullies. Consequently, it’s no surprise that they have a problem with assertive, confident seeming beautiful men. They probably can’t ascertain whether or not they want to fuck them or be them and both options, according to their religious teachings, will land them in hell so where do they end up? Making weird assed Virginia Tech videos like this.

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