Tuesday, August 07, 2007

JUST as I said all along way back whenever the hell it was that the topic was new and fresh: Keith Richards DID snort the ashes of his dead father as though it were cocaine according to reports in the Guardian newspaper in the UK. He claimed that he did it and then he denied it when everyone paid attention and now that no one cares again, he’s saying that he did actually do it. He’s obviously got a caffeine addicted publicist.

How often do celebrities come out with crap like that – something really specific and out of left field like snorting your father’s ashes – and it turns out to be untrue.
The marriage between uber douche fuckwit Spencer Pratt (I mean, could he possibly have been named anything more appropriate? Absolutely not! Now, however, even he knows that his best chance at a career is based on notoriety he fosters through inducing rage and hatred in other people) and his moron skank fiancĂ© or whatever she is, business associate Heidi Montag – that’s fake.
A drug-crippled rocker like Keith Richards saying he snorted his father’s ashes? Like I said before, if he DIDN’T do it, it would have been a little odd. [source] [previous]

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