Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The impressively clean Pete Doherty evaded being charged with drug possession on the weekend because while he broke his probation, he didn’t appear before a judge within 24 hours and so the charge was dismissed on that technicality. Hello, what? What the hell kind of legal system actually lets criminals off based on how efficient their own administrative procedure is? Administrative procedure in the public service only exists to give bored people a job and to take up time so it will hinder fraudulent claims. Well, that and it gives petty mean people a way to assert authority over the world they so resent living in.

When the shoe finally drops for Pete Doherty, which I imagine it already literally has several times; right off his drug addicted foot as he stumbles down the London alleyways, Pete Doherty really is going to end up in some kind of lock up that transcends time and space. He seems to have already used up the good karma and luck of an entire small African nation.

Anyway, so Pete Doherty is now free and lurking somewhere, probably wrecked out of his gourd. He’ll clean up his act though, this is probably the clear and really impacting wake-up call he needs. He’s really been denied chances before so let’s just wait and see what happens.

Incidentally, what is the Babyshambles rehearsal process like? Do they rehearse? Pete’s probably a dream to work with and once he steps into the studio he just becomes a high output musical genius. He just has that vibe about him. A clean and focused vibe. One that isn’t coddled or entitled or insanely delusional and self destructive at all. I wonder where he works out…[source]

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