Friday, August 31, 2007

Whoops! I spoke too soon re. the reconciliation between Fitty Cent and Kanye West but it’s not my fault
It’s the fault of the New York Post. Fitty is still on the war path, hammering out the tired old angry bully line as he continues to drum up desperately needed attention by saying Kanye West is not as good as him. He started in with the party line again on San Diego Radio, Perez is reporting. Because this is high school, never forget that.

Does it ever strike anyone as odd that in every single culture nearly every type of musician and artist is usually a sensitive, more or less emotionally aware person and yet when it comes to rap, they’re all hyper macho gangsters? All of a sudden it’s different with rap.

Oh, let’s be fair – this whole mindless challenge crap is good. It was a day of soul crushing disappointment when the Post reported that they had dropped the challenge.

Now, it’s confirmed that we DO get to experience the nail biting hype infested, life affirming anxiety that comes with wondering if we’ll ever get to hear Fitty stand on his own and rap about status anxiety and getting shot. If Fitty Cent isn’t there to brave the oft ignore subject matter of bitches and cars and the club and getting shot and all the rest of that crap then who will stand up and tell it like it is? Julie Andrews?
The New York Post reported recently that the two of them had brought a halt to the challenge that Fitty Cent seems to have invented to promote himself whereby he has promised to stop performing solo work if he sells less records than West does when their albums drop at the same time on Sept 11. The halt occurred when the two were seen drinking shots of vodka and parading around some club somewhere. In hyped up rapper ego land, that’s the equivalent of diplomatic discussion. It’s very complex because so much is riding on it.
This whole thing comes from the Bobby Trendy, Spencer Pratt school of self promotion where it doesn’t matter what you say as long as you’re saying something and as long as it’s bullying someone. It’s addictive in the same mesmerizingly cheap way that cans of frosting at midnight and Beyonce are addictive.
Still, I’m totally in. There’s nothing like seeing an inflated hip hop ego get stamped on. Particularly one that wears bullet holes like university degrees. [source]

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