Monday, August 13, 2007

David Beckham, it appears, it taking a leaf out of the book of the late great burlesque artist Gypsy Rose Lee. He seems to be leaving audiences constantly wanting more. According to the Daily News, Beckham’s faulty ankle is still keeping him from playing for the fans and ultimately, the company that is paying him 50 million dollars over 5 years.
While Beckham himself doesn’t appear to have the capacity to intellectually take on board the full impact of his not playing, he sort of shrugs it off whenever the fans boo (and they are apparently booing), this really can’t be all bad for Galactic. They just need to stage a really glamorous, massively over funded spectacle for the game that he does come back and play a full game and he’ll get another round of press like the coverage he got when arrived in LA. And who knows, maybe Tom Cruise will throw another massive soiree for him. Hell, maybe they could have a soiree of international celebrities every time Beckham stands up from now on.

Most of the standard divas of gay culture have proven that no matter what you do to drive nails into your own coffin, all you need is a tune in an ego indulgent minor key, a heavy drum beat, a majestic costume, some high energy, perky dancing boys and a few minutes of sincere “let’s come clean” dialogue while sitting on the edge of the stage.

In fact, if Beckham’s ankle could get together with Britney’s liver and brain and they could come up with a concrete date by which everything was back on track then together they could stage the biggest comeback concert, maybe ever. There would only be a few old people in a coma in Antarctica who aren’t somehow part of the demographic for that event. [source]

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