Friday, August 24, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

The good people in Europe’s famous Austria have taken it upon themselves to join the type of entrepreneurs who invest a lot of time and money in creating products for inane twits who like to spend shitloads of money on not very much at all. Consequently, meet the 114,000 dollar lederhosen. It’s studded with actual diamonds which means you can sit around the house performing “Eidelweiss” while eating strudel and blessing your homeland forever for as long as you want and you’ll never cease to look anything less than sparkling. Unless you have to sell your house to get the freaking Europe pants. You can have them custom make your lederhosen and the 114,000 dollar ones actually went to a German buyer who lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates which, when you think about it makes total and utter cultural sense. Oddly enough. [source]

In another update regarding how the ever vigilant Chinese are preparing for the Beijing Olympics, there is now apparently to be no yawning allowed for cabbies. They can chew tobacco and spit into specially and expensively designed spittoons that have been installed in urban Chinese cabs but yawning is not permitted. What a stunning idea. Outlaw a common human behavioural trait. China is the controlling boyfriend who tells you how to stand and use your knife and fork while in a restaurant. [source]

Ah there’s nothing like the combination of sweet irony, idiot people with too much money and ebay. Player trading cards that feature dog killer quarterback Michael Vick are being sold for a freaking packet at the time on ebay because one crafty woman decided it would be genius to give the cards to her dog to chew first. Now they’re for sale on e bay and some of them are fetching upwards of $450. Now, if only someone would make little rubber Michael Vick dog toys and market them through Perez Hilton they could make a billion dollars in 15 minutes. Actually, that’s quite brilliant and I haven’t even had coffee in three months! [source]

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