Friday, August 03, 2007

The New York Post has noted that Cosmopolitan’s Style and Beauty Editor has written (cause I don’t actually read Cosmo…) that wannabe edgy pop characters like Pete Wentz, A J McLean and Jared Leto need to lose the eyeliner and it seems like a reasonable ask but in actual fact, that’s sort of the equivalent of asking Jennifer Aniston circa 1994 to shave her head or like calling for the filling in of Jenna Jameson’s vagina with plaster.

Even if it does make timely yet arbitrary sense from a fashion perspective, it’s not going to happen because so much equity is wrapped up in these guys’ use of eyeliner that disconnecting them from it would leave nothing but a gray, blurry mess of innocuous confusion and sadness.
And furthermore, we all know Pete Wentz is totally contrived and a bona fide sell out who even went so far as to re-name the eyeliner he uses as “guyliner” to make it less sexually threatening to his male fan base. But look, there’s no denying it’s almost chemically impossible not to find him at least marginally attractive. Hell, I don't even care or listen to his music and I'm in love with him. Leave the Fall Out Boy’s eyeliner alone, Cosmo. Go back to the sex quiz and sealed section where you freaking belong. [source]

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