Thursday, August 02, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

In an elementary school playground bid to symbolically “own” the bottom of the sea up near the North Pole, a Russian sub planted a flag on the seabed. According to the report here, they want to drill for oil and gas. Anyone who has a brain knows that if you want to claim an area of the world you have to build a base out of sticks and leaves and a couple of plastic chairs from a classroom nearby. You can’t just send a sub down and whack a flag in the ground. Besides, it’s not going to flap in the wind under the water, there’s no AIR down there! God, so stupid! [source]

A 61 year old man who got in late one night was cut off from his allowance by his mother and was also hauled off to the police station because his mother insisted that they should “convince this blockhead” to behave properly. She’s right too. Who better to point out how to behave than an over protective, doting Italian mother with a 61 year old son who still lives at home. Look, actually this story doesn’t need me to do anything to it. I mean, Jesus, Just lock the two of them in a cell with cameras and put it on the internet. You could run bets on which would die first. [source]

94 year old Phyllis Turner has graduated from the University of Adelaide, Australia with a master’s degree making her the oldest recipient of a master’s research degree in the world. She was described as having “an amazing brain”. There’s not a lot more here to say except that it’s a shame that her earning power has just shot up seeing as she’s retired. But good on her. See, it’s not all acid around here at Reluctant Whore. [source]

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