Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The blog, has posted a picture of Tara Reid where she’s showing her stomach and it doesn’t induce involuntary projectile vomiting and isn’t that just a charming surprise?

For years Reid’s stomach has looked like she’s been secretly storing jagged spare parts for Panzer tanks in her digestive system but all of a sudden it appears she’s had the wreckage of her abdomen worked over with a team of industrial sander(s). OR had someone hacked out the stretched and probably scarred flesh and implanted a slab of latex so she could start afresh. If a fresh start is possible after the requisite amount of liquor it takes her on a daily basis to stop screaming at the mere realisation of who she, in fact, actually is.

Oh, that’s mean, she probably just moisturized with regularity and vigor. Plus, I don’t even hate her at all – she’s innocuous at best. We haven’t heard much from the sparkling Tara since the cancellation of her editorially questionable and essentially pointless travel show, “Taradise” and since she stopped going out in public tanked to the gills on Bacardi and diet coke (it does the job but without the calories) and eventually falling over in front of the paparazzi.

Consequently, her recent emergency – the other week for playing with a football on the beach and this time for appearing in what could, and let’s face fact, just be a photoshopped image, is certainly a step up. Now, if only she could get an acting job and just get on with her career. She was quoted in the New York Post a year or so ago as saying that she knew she only had a few more years left to get somewhere before it would be all over. Not sure what’s happened with that realization…it’s still true, in fact…a year and a half later…more so. Ah Ha. [source]

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LJ said...

Just a few years left? Wow, must make the older actresses feel like their ancient. And me, well like I shouldn't even bother at my age. :(