Friday, August 03, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

After it was leaked that the Australian Defense Department was planning on shooting several thousand kangaroos on military training land, thousands of people complained and they’ve back pedaled. Instead of shooting the kangaroos in the head, they’re now reportedly planning on putting them all in air conditioned trucks and transporting them out of the area. It’s interesting that what all it takes to get an upgrade when you’re a kangaroo. You just need a publicized planned massacre which stimulates potential political fall out and all of a sudden it’s champagne and red carpets. There’s a lesson in that for all of us about how to get an upgrade on an airline. Somewhere. [source]

An Arkansas woman has just given birth to her 17th child and she’s just thrilled. She even says she wants another one. From the looks of the picture of her, that’s all she actually does: lie around, popping out kids in what must be an attempt to build a domestic, genetically linked army. Southerners get carried away over things like the Second Coming of Christ and the Rapture so they stock up on supplies. This woman is clearly stocking up on labor. Plus, at this point, the birth canal isn’t so much a birth canal, it’s more of a well beaten track so it’s probably not that hard for her to give birth. She just coughs a few times and bang, new kid. Hell, sometimes it happens and she doesn’t even notice…the kids just integrates with the rest of the crew. [course]

At this point, it’s not entirely news that the Chinese government is still on the warpath when it comes to obliterating what it deems to be inappropriate social behavior amongst the Chinese people in the lead up to the Beijing Olympics. It’s not new information but it most certainly is fun to keep things tabs on where time and money is being spent there. This week China is threatening to detain football fans for swearing. Excellent. Excellent work. Keep your eye on the ball. [source]

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