Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Nicole Kidman is quoted in the UK’s Metro (who are really just pulling out parts of the new Vanity Faire piece on Nicole Kidman) saying that she had a miscarriage at the age of 23 when she fell pregnant with Tom Cruise’s baby and that’s why they adopted. Why is she bringing it up now? Hasn't the contract expired? Why do we need affirmation of Cruise's virility or heterosexuality from HER at this point with the Scientolotot, Suri being rammed down our throats every day?

Wasn’t the story that Tom Cruise was infertile or something at that point? Or, if you want to just cut to the chase and explain the other possible reason why it never happened – they didn’t sleep together because he was too busy being plagued by a combination of soul destroying narcissism and megalomania coupled with latent homosexuality and the marriage was essentially a contracted agreement between the two of them which benefited him because it gave him a beard and benefited her because, like everyone else he's been involved with, it gave her a massive career jump?
Or, you know, something like that.
The article goes on to say:
In March 2001, she was rushed to UCLA Hospital in California, one month after her divorce was filed. She said after that incident: 'It was dark - and deeply lonely. I felt panic and absolute fear about my future.'
Which is understandable since she’d severed ties with her link to marketability and it was suddenly up to her to actually do something that wasn’t propped up by celebrity hype.
One thing no one seems to talk about is, what actually happened to the kids they adopted? Suri Cruise is being whored out every second by Tom because she’s apparently his actual daughter and therefore it’s proof that he’s actually had sex with a woman.
Are the other two less useful now? Yeah, those freakin’ adopted kids are deadweight. Maybe being in that family is like being on a sitcom that doesn’t get picked up. Aren’t ever told what happened, you just stop getting fed. Stand by for a spoken word career for Isabella later in life. She’ll be one of those women who either works for a non-profit as a smart lawyer or she’ll be a weirdly self indulgent poet type who wears wooden jewelry and orange lipstick and goes to book signings in the middle of the day. Conner will just be a shut in who is really good at fixing computers. [source]

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