Monday, September 24, 2007

What the hell happened that made public interest in the increasingly irrelevant Kid Rock and Tommy Lee suddenly worth 5 million dollars? I mean, they got in a fight at the VMAs in a publicity stunt that is essentially on par with the handiwork of Spencer Pratt and presto, they’re about to fight each other over Pam Anderson for a prize of 5 million dollars. The Post reports that where it used to be 1 million, now it’s 5 million. They added 4 million to the prize presumably because they figured somehow it was worth the extra 4 million. How?

What the hell does anyone care about these two boozing, bloated rockers? I mean, maybe there’s some appeal in watching Tommy Lee smack a republican in the mouth but 5 million bucks?

Even Pam Anderson couldn’t care less about both of them and she’s the object of their affection. According to rumours on the internet she’s dating Rick Solomon the other half of the cast in the critically downloaded “One Night in Paris“ that starred Paris Hilton.
God, it’s all top notch talent around the net this morning. [source]

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