Friday, September 14, 2007

TMZ reports that OJ Simpson is a suspect in a robbery inquiry but it doesn’t actually matter whether he actually did rob a man of collectible items or not. I mean, apart from the crime and him having to be accountable it does but even if he didn’t do it this is the perfect opportunity for the public to get to re-visit the question of whether he’s guilty or not – just in general and this time, years later – after Paris Hilton was sent to jail for simply being annoying and impure – they get to say yes.

OJ has been shoveling his self involved macabre crap down everyone’s throat to remain relevant almost, it seems, since he walked out of the courtroom with the not-guilty verdict. People find him eerily fascinating because there really aren’t that many people left who think he’s innocent. I mean, those who bother to actually have an opinion at this point.

Maybe OJ knows this and just as Kim Kardashian is always photographed from behind so she can market her prime asset ass most effectively to ensure maximum coverage and exposure, OJ knows that the only thing the public are interested in when it comes to him is accusing him of being guilty of something. So, here we go. OJ is back because he looks guilty of something. Why else would he have written such an appalling book as the “If I Did It” confessional? Because he’s a chronically self obsessed probably sociopathic freak who can’t deal with being anything but the center of attention. If only he’d tap into the mountain of talent he has, then we’d have something to watch him for. Oh. [source]

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