Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

A million toothpicks have been put together and assembled correctly by artist Saimir Strati in Albania so that they resemble a tribute to Anton Gaudi. This is the most toothpicks used in one mosaic in the world. Two questions arise now. What is the second most? Like 2000? Are people really trying to beat this record and two; NOW what will the Albanians do about the food caught in their teeth. They may have a world record to gloat over and feel superior with but they now have halitosis and gingivitis so it’s really a give and take scenario. [source]

One of those genius kids who know everything at the age of nine is in the paper because he thinks his first class in university is too easy. Why is it that there’s never a genius painter – only a genius mathematician. Actors don’t count because they’re pushed along by a crippling need for an over compensated for lack of parental love. Genius kids are always good at math and playing the piano because both can be mechanically learnt and repeated. Plus, he’s a freaking attention whore kid. Of course he’s going to say it’s easy. It’s just like when you’re a kid and you fall over in front of people and it hurts a lot and you say, “Didn’t HURT!” to everyone or when you’re at a birthday party and you put salt on your ice cream as a dare and then you say through a mouth of it that it tastes beautiful. [source]

Who knows why I had to go to the UK press to find this out, it seems so universally relevant – Leona Helmsley’s dog Trouble, the same dog who inherited 12 million dollars from its late owner is about to be sued by Zamfira Sfara, her former housekeeper who claims she was bitten by the dog now worth 12 million dollars. That dog got money," Sfara’s son said. "That money is going to be taken away from that dog."
So, yes, you’re not dreaming or somehow slightly more affected by the medication you’re on, a dog is being sued by a woman because the dog is worth 12 million dollars. This is where we’re at. AS in, in general. The woman suing is probably sitting at home rubbing her hands together with glee. Dogs can’t come up with responses in English terribly easily and that’s the language they’ll probably speak in court. Hell, they can’t even understand English so that’s a little bit of a downfall. Go housekeeper. Become our hero and take the bitch down. HA, she really is a bitch.[source]

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