Monday, September 10, 2007

The series of images that are at the other end of the link at the bottom of this post show how Britney Spears deals with the horror of self realization. She wears black. Yes, that’s fine. That’s also appropriate as it’s what one wears to a funeral and her career is now essentially dead. But, then, just in case we weren’t going to keep looking at her – which is clearly her greatest fear – she went out without wearing underwear and as a result, she was flashing gash for cash again.
She may have no credibility left but at least we’re still thinking about her. That’s all that matters.
What will also matter in due course is how her children deal with the fact that all their classmates at school and their classmate’s parents have all seen a commodified version of pretty much every angle of Britney both physically and psychologically. Sean Preston and Jayden James – God, just writing those words somehow feels greasy and covered in cheese from a can and machine cut jalapenos – are actually the new Michael Jackson’s kids. Michael Jackson’s kids are kept hidden from view in a bizarre alienated world of opulent self indulgence by a flipped out megalomaniac pop star freak too. Maybe they should e mail and compare notes.
[source] => This link is definitely NSFW.

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