Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

Not a week goes by, almost, where there isn’t a new rich idiot with too much money and too few brain cells and what’s good about this particular week is that we only had to wait until Tuesday to find out about it. Some god damned pointless idiot from Australia just paid around $ 100,000 for two first class seats on the maiden voyage of the superjumbo jet, the new plane designed and manufactured by Boeing. Ok, sure. The aircraft is the size of a northeastern state and as a result first class probably involves moving into your own townhouse complete with staff and a fully operational English country garden outside with actual sky imported from the top of Mount Everest, but at the end of the day it’s – at most – a 24 hour experience. That means that every hour the inane twit is on the plane, it’s costing him 4000 bucks. You can just imagine his dumbassed shit eating grin as he stands there smiling and nodding furiously at the attention he's getting for dumping this much cash on something so god damned pointless. He deserves to be glassed is what he deserves. [source]

Maybe it’s the soul warming glow of the exuberant Olympics focused police state madness currently flourishing up north in China or maybe a control freak gay man with a background in fashion retail was just hired to throw his weight around in local politics. Either way, lazy and sometimes stinky Malaysian cab drivers are being told to shape up when it comes to Fashion in Malaysia all of a sudden. Fines have been instated in Malaysia for cab drivers if they don’t wear the right shade of white. I was going to write about how there are bigger problems but the more I think about it, the more I realize that it’s actually really difficult to be in the same room as someone who se white t shirt or shirt is anything less than sparkling. It’s good that public money and manpower are being forcibly spent on this important social issue when Sharia law still has a cultural presence in Malaysia. [source]

Nepal’s state run airline has sacrificed two goats to appease gods the Hindu God of the Sky after there were some technical problems with an aircraft and frankly if there’s anything that should serve as a comforting factor to people flying in Nepal it should be this news. Although, sadly, if you think about it, perhaps the airline would have been better run by the two goats that died than the people who made the executive decision to sacrifice them rather than simply emphasize technical support. Now we will never know. [source]

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