Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tommy Lee was apparently having full on sex in front of lots of people in the Hamptons on Sunday night after he walked into some club called Dune, asked if it would be ok, and then proceeded to bang the innocuous blonde cigarette thin rocker groupie whore he was with for the evening. “Evening” sounds like too classy a word for this kind of story but maybe I’ll stick with it anyway.

The thing about Tommy Lee is, he evidently enjoys making sure people see him having sex with standardly beautiful women. This isn’t new. What is new is his level of desperation. It’s one thing to get Pamela Anderson and film sex with her but it’s another thing entirely to grab a random broad and bang her in the middle of a tired assed club in the Hamptons. What if Ina Garten were there? I mean, what would SHE have said? Actually, that would have made it interesting. Ina Garten shocked at the sight of Tommy Lee having sex with a rocker whore in the Hamptons. Underneath that private school mother fa├žade with her light blue shirt with the popped collar, 300 dollar haircut and those heavily indulgent Tiramisus it’s a reasonable bet that Ina is a big rocker slut at heart. [source]

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