Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sherri Shepherd is funny when she does that kind of hilarious Dawn French fat woman routine where she eats a lot when Martha Stewart comes on the show but not when she talks about things. And that is difficult when it comes to a show like The View seeing as it's based on talking. Earlier in the week, Shepherd was talking about how she’d never thought about whether or not the world was flat.

This kind of thing is so unbearably stupid and annoying because it’s so forced and calculated. Hasselbeck does the same crap. Hasselbeck knows where her paycheck comes from so she rattles off the right wing party line. With Shepherd, she knows she’s the bouncy, fat, sassy black woman who real people identify with because she’s fat and probably from the ghetto so she’ll use that angle to keep herself relevant. Only recently she used a question about basic science and evolution to make sure people knew what her religious faith was so it’s no surprise that she would actually deem it appropriate to say that she’d never thought about whether or not the earth was flat. So, then, she back pedaled today and explained that she was just nervous.

Why do calculatedly right winger pundits always have to spend SO much time making sure we don’t forget they’re human and have faults by aligning themselves with stupid religious ideas and forcing people to think they identify with everyday people? Is it because they are a freakish army of robots? No. OR yes. Either way is fine. Sherri Shepherd is going to be an annoying trial and that means The View is becoming cheaper and crapper.

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