Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

This was from last night but its top quality material so I’m running with it anyway – a man in Belgium put the country up for sale on ebay for 14 million dollars as a statement of protest at the fact that Belgium never gets any attention. "I wanted to attract attention," said Gerrit Six, the teacher and former journalist who posted the ad. "You almost have to throw rock through a window to get attention for Belgium." Throw a rock? What the hell kind of attention seeker is he? Throw a freaking rock? If that’s all Belgium thinks it has to do then they’d better check themselves. Belgium needs to release a sex tape and get done for DUI and go to jail for three weeks. That’ll get them noticed. Although admittedly, this little stint worked. Kudos to you frustrated journalist. [source]

A meteorite has hit Peru and the result has been that a bunch of people are now falling ill as a result of the smell. The smell, sure, and the fact that they’re now destined to be immortalized in a telemovie that’ll probably skip out on facts just so it can get ratings in the flyover states. You know, make a big blockbuster on a nothing budget type. That’s enough to make anyone feel relentless nausea. But seriously, people have become ill and that’s no major laughing matter. However, there is an official opinion that states that meteors aren’t actually dangerous in this way. “None of the meteorites that fall in Peru and make perforations of varied sizes are harmful for people, unless they fall on a house," said National Academy of Sciences spokesperson Modesto Montoya. Which is, of course, taken as said. So, thanks for wasting our time Montoya. [source]

Nebraska Senator Ernie Chambers may seem like a freak upon initial inspection in the sense that he has just announced that he is suing God, but actually he may just be a genius. He’s actually suing God as a legal statement that forms a protest again laws that prevent apparently frivolous law suits with specific reference to a case where the judge announced that the words “rape” and “abuse” were not allowed to be used in the trial. Yeah, ok, maybe he’s not a genius. The principle is fine but there are altogether too many insane lawsuits in the US. In the meantime, it’s good old American politics as usual. Senators suing God, dogs inheriting millions…these are the quality items we’ve come to rely on. [source]

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