Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

So, here’s something for the dinner table at church with only your grandparents and really young nieces and nephews. A restaurant in Japan has opened up where people are taken into a strangely dark room and allowed to fornicate with an animal before the exact animal is slaughtered and cooked for them to eat. Apparently, rich people with very little else to live for do this. Usually, with stories about how sometimes there are things rich people with no sense can buy, like 150,000 dollar lederhosen, we all have a good laugh and get to feel superior because even though we’re not rich and crap, we still feel like we’re better because at least we didn’t consider wasting so much money on something so inane. This time, there’s still that sense of superiority, rest assured, but it comes in a distant second to the relentless vomiting and nausea and horror that seems to have encompassed my entire being at the thought of this story being true. The link is safe for work but maybe not lunch. [source]

Ok, so sexual weirdness seems to be the order of the day. A man in Australia was just sentenced to 12 months community service after he got high on drugs, climbed into someone’s house, went into their bathroom and fashioned a sex toy out of a bottle of detergent, a piece of wood and a rubber glove. What people are clearly discounting here is the idea that he may have been simply rehearsing a small play and or Cubist ballet. The whole thing screams Cubist ballet to me. [source]

The Polish Women’s Party has decided to put up posters featuring images of all their candidates in the nude which is apparently predicted to alienate the majority of the Catholic country. The thing is though, it probably won’t. What will probably happen is, those upstanding Catholics will cluck their tongues in moral outrage but then at the last minute will vote for the women anyway. They can do that because all they need to do afterwards is go to confession. I would suspect that there are precious few Catholic straight male Polish voters that wouldn’t secretly vote for the tits. Why is today all about freaky sex stuff. The only other things around were about sex toys in sausages - which is still a weird sex thing. There is no escaping it. [source]

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