Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Paper Magazine just had racist, entitled rich kid socially aspirational douchebag Fabian Basabe (!) interview (!!) right wing nut job Ann Coulter (!!!) and in doing so, they have sort of managed to create a triangle of culture that yields nothing aside from the odd pastiche it actually is.

Basabe tries, probably with the help of a qualified copy editor and an assistant to sound involved which he sort of almost does and Coulter gave up 15 minutes of her time to throw up her usual one- liners. She delivers her stock standard collection of sensationalist liberal bashing one-liners designed entirely to incite predictable precious discomfort in her adversaries which in turn translates to shock tactic profits for her. Ann Coulter could have been talking to anyone really for the amount of interaction she actually appears to have had with Fabian Basabe.

But, what the hell does Fabian Basabe actually know about politics or, for that matter, anything else? He seems intellectually flat out getting dressed in the morning.
Here’s a sample of his genius interviewing:

FB: Sexual harassment is a big issue in certain industries such as politics and the modeling
business. Do you think people who trade sexual favors really get ahead?

AC: It seems to have worked for Hillary

And that’s basically the tone of the entire thing. Still, if Basabe can appear to talk politics, when will he attempt to appear to have talent on the big screen or perhaps, even better, on stage. Surely, he is equipped to play Hamlet. Immediately. [source]

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