Thursday, September 13, 2007

If there’s any doubt that the VMAs are entirely about mustering up profitable, gutter level spectacle on purpose then the Post should remove all doubt about that. The VMAs rumble between Kid Rock and Tommy Lee has played out just as you’d expect; the Post reports that after the smoke and mirrors cleared away, some forward thinking promoter has leapt on the band wagon and come up with the idea of actually putting them in a pen and having the two aging, increasingly pointless rockers actually duke it out for a million dollar prize. The annoying thing about this is that offering them this kind of money is basically exactly what they had hoped for in the beginning anyway so this is really just enabling them. Now they will be at everything and unstoppably douchebag esque, maybe forever. Apparently, there’s no level of rapidly expiring relevance that a good public feud can’t fix.

At the end of it though, what happens to the mildly oblivious centerpiece that is Pamela Anderson? The entire thing is about her and yet, she stands there in the center and what, just smiles? Well, that’s sort of been her career to date so yeah, probably. It’s always astonishing the way celebrity is about the buzz surrounding the centerpiece rather than the centerpiece itself. How else do you explain Lance Bass? [source]

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