Friday, September 28, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

Last week a man put the nation of Belgium up for sale on ebay as a way of getting it a little attention and maybe it worked because sales of the Belgian flag have skyrocketed since debate has been escalating about the potential division of Belgium into a series of smaller sections rather than one larger nation. Apparently people want to celebrate Belgium the way it is. What exactly does Belgium do? They give us mussels and chips, chocolate and waffles. One thing that is for sure though, is; if you were clever enough to invest in flags in Belgium, then your time is fast approaching. Belgian flag makers: You time is NOW! [source]

An anonymous telephone bidder just paid 29,000 English pounds for a 157 year old bottle of Bowmore Scotch Whiskey. That’s a world record amount. I know that people are connoisieurs of scotch and that it’s about the fact that it’s rare etc. but when are you actually going to drink it? If you’re NOT going to drink it then it’s not really about scotch because you don’t get to interact with it. You’ve just got a bottle there. It could really just be anything you’ve paid 29,000 pounds for. It’s just sitting there. And the other thing is, it’d be pretty damned crap if you actually opened it up and it was just rat juice – as in, water that had been soaking up the essence of rat before being strained and bottled. Then you’d look stupid for spending that much money on scotch. Not before though. the paradox is, of course, that we’ll never know. [source]

A German man who went to celebrate Oktoberfest, got really drunk and then got stuck in a chimney for 12 hours. Earlier this week I saw some film of a guy who had had a lot to drink and then he got stuck in his ex-girlfriend’s chimney. People had to knock down a wall to get him out of that chimney and the girl was really pissed off. She threw a bottle at his head twice and he just stood there and took it both times. Why do drunk people apparently gravitate toward chimneys? They’re not exactly the easiest things to navigate. Maybe it’s a Santa Claus fetish. Both were in their 20s, maybe that’s why. You do crap like that when you’re in your 20s [source]

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