Friday, September 21, 2007

Kim Kardashian is really a great example of how to bludgeon your way into a b-grade showbiz career with virtually no graspable talent except having an ass. Basically, all she’s done so far is turn up, appear in a sex tape which presumably features her ass and make sure her ass is photographed in every shot she’s in and presto, she gets a spread in Playboy where she features, clearly, her ass and one breast and reality TV show featuring her entire family that will be produced by Ryan Seacrest. And when Ryan Seacrest gets on board you know the project is high concept and chronically edifying.

The Post reports that she’s now dating Terrence Howard, upon whose lap she was seen sitting in Los Angeles while he was “rubbing her butt” (just in case you forgot that her powers are all centralized in her ass) and that she will be in a show called “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” which should be a riot.

So, basically, it seems fairly likely that what we can expect out of Seacrest and Kardashian with this new show is essentially just “The Osbournes” minus the trumped up faux goth insanity but with a bunch of running shots of Kim from behind, at waist level. And her father is a high powered lawyer so he’ll be screaming at people to get out of his chair the whole time and wondering what the hell cameras are even doing in his house.
According to Kardashian’s Wikipedia page, no doubt updated by Kardashian herself, Kathy Lee Gifford is her god mother so actually, you have to allow for a few impromptu musical numbers from her as well. So, it’s irony-free musical numbers from Gifford, a screaming lawyer and a relentless satin covered ass. That’s it. [source]

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