Monday, September 17, 2007

As if everything else weren’t enough, now there are rumours that someone has put a hit out on K-Fed just prior to the court case. Entertainment Tonight claim they have been working on this story for months and that also, the FBI and LAPD cannot confirm or deny reports that such a hit has been put out.
IF they’ve been working on the story for two months then why don’t they know anything more than a 60 word report AND why wouldn’t the little attention whores have run the story earlier than now?
What’s far more likely is that this is another plod along in the extraordinarily harsh character assassination of Britney Spears which is occurring almost entirely because she makes it so easy. This is such an insanely lucky situation for the white trash, delusionally entitled douche bag that is K-Fed in terms of how easy Britney is making it for him to cash in with custody of the kids that if he screws this up and ends up drunk or dead or something then he deserves to be beaten with cactus and salt. If he’s not dead already, obviously.

Who else would bother to put a hit out on K-Fed apart, of course, Britney or some totally bored housewife who can’t stand the sight of him on her weekly magazine purchases who also lives vicariously through her daughter who lives through Britney. Yes, that’s realistic. It’s a delusional over protective mother.
Let’s recap: rumours involving Britney have now escalated to the point where she’s apparently an attempted murder suspect. What’s next? 9/11? Yep, Britney was the hair stylist to Osama bin Laden for his most recent beard coloring. If Tinsley Mortimer is responsible for Darfur then Britney is responsible for 9/11. [source]

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