Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Post reports that Steve-O from Jackass went on Howard Stern and talked about how he likes inhaling nitrous oxide from whipped cream bulbs and how Lindsay Lohan once stole blow from his apartment. Not necessarily recently, but it did happen and it did involve cocaine and Lohan. Just in case you’d forgotten how well the two go together. He was filming something in his apartment the day she came over and so they even have Lohan’s signature on a release form to prove she was there.

Steve-O and the whole Jackass thing are annoyingly mindless, in much the same way that Tom Green is or used to be, but they’re not as neurotic as Green and therefore can be considered hot. Tom Green is never hot because he’s far too needy.

Still, it’s good that even though Lohan has been nowhere to be seen, apart from the shots of her sitting around smoking in the forest with her new addict friends, and in rumours that she has been busy screwing that dumb ass billionaire’s husband in rehab, that we can still fixate on her drug use anyway. Particularly because it certainly drums up some quality publicity for Steve-O whose entire career is based on being a parent’s nightmare and a professional idiot. He has quite remarkable teeth though. [source]

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