Wednesday, September 05, 2007

According to the Post, Britney isn’t working on some kind of intense and stunning illusion based act for the MTV VMAs, she’s just doing a straight up performance of her new top quality single “Gimme More”. Plus, they're also not dating at all but we already knew that even if they were it was for the press benefit of Angel. What's his real name anyway? Is it something like Trent Bunyon? I bet it is.

It’s really a shame that Britney isn't working with Angel when you think about it because professional magic may actually have been the only thing clever enough to distract us from the total lack of coordination and adult logic that plagues her right now. Still, there will be one form of illusion that will sneak its way into her performance that night, should she show up at all and that will be the kind of illusion that will convince us, the audience for a few brief moments that she is in fact capable of coherent thought processes. I am thrilled she is going to be there. Alright so he’s (heavily styled) bad boy hot but whatever. Criss Angel is insufferable, ironyless and tired. No wonder he’s working in Las Vegas. They pay people to be cripplingly average there. Look at good old work horse product Celine Dion. She’s the singing equivalent of cheap sugary dessert based escapism. As in, you can eat a can of frosting at night to stop the tears that come with self reflection or you can listen to her it’s the same experience. She’s on how much? The equivalent of the GDP of Argentina a year? God, she needs to be gassed. [source]

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